About Avery Logan

Avery Logan is an indie singer, songwriter and pianist from Central Texas. Avery was born in Austin, TX on July 26, 2001.
From an early age, it was clear that she loved music and was singing along to full songs on the radio as soon as she could talk. In 2011, Avery was given her great-grandmothers piano, and she immediately began playing songs by ear. She started piano lessons, and was soon playing Mozart pieces and composing her own music.

As Avery spent more and more of her free time on her piano, her love of music and natural ability became obvious to her family. Avery soon began writing full songs with music and lyrics. In 2014, Avery unexpectedly lost her grandmother, and was inspired to write a song in her honor. She recorded the song in a friend’s home studio and performed the song at her grandmother’s funeral.

Avery continued writing, and in 2015, she wrote her original single, He Said. Not satisfied with this song, she put it away and continued writing other songs. In 2016, Avery played “He Said” for a friend and he encouraged her to finish the song. Together with this friend and musician, Jake Griffing, Avery also wrote “Who You Are”, and in 2016 she recorded “He Said” and “Who You Are” at Salt Lamp Sound studio, and released them as singles. “He Said” and “Who You Are” can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Today, Avery is continuing to write original music and she is growing as a songwriter every day. Avery Logan is currently writing, and is planning to record and release a full length album in 2017.