AMTC or Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a non-profit ,Christian organization that trains and launches Christian performers into the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has a huge influence on our culture and our lives, and AMTC’s mission is to “make good bolder” in film, fashion, music and theatre.


AMTC auditions singers, dancers, rappers, actors, models, and more. I auditioned in the summer of 2015 in Houston, Texas as a singer. For the audition, I performed an acapella version of song, played and sang part of an original song on piano, and read a script. During the audition, we sang worship songs and learned about AMTC’s mission. It was a great experience! The next morning, I got a callback, and I accepted.


Next came the training! Every six weeks for the next year, I would travel to Dallas, TX to attend a “Launch” weekend training. For two full days, we would work on modeling, acting, and any other specialty talent you were planning to showcase. In between acting and modeling sessions, I would be pulled to work on music with a coach. We worked on song selection, performance style, wardrobe, and vocals. I had homework between Launch sessions to work on my music, build a resume, work on acting monologues and more.

During the Launch trainings, I met so many great people and AMAZING coaches, like Jaco Booyens of After Eden Films and After Eden Records. Jaco taught me so much, and I really respect his opinion and his work. The coaches at AMTC helped me to learn new skills and know what the industry was looking for. My coaches also helped me to decide what showcases I was going to perform in at SHNE, which is the final week of the AMTC experience.


As a part of AMTC training, I also had a professional photo shoot to create headshots and artist shots for agents that I would meet at SHINE. I brought almost my entire wardrobe, and a professional stylist picked out outfits for me to wear for my photo shoot and during my performances at SHINE. I also had stylists do my hair and makeup. The photo shoot took the entire day, but it was fun! The staff at AMTC reviewed all of the pictures and chose the best ones to print for headshots at SHINE.


As I mentioned earlier, SHINE is the final week for an AMTC performer. There are a lot of “VIPs” who come to watch the showcases at SHINE, including producers, agents, managers, etc. The showcases take place all week, and include categories such as Mainstream Singer, Christian Singer, Singer/Songwriter, Commercial Acting, Lifestyle Modeling and many more. I participated in eight showcases, including Mainstream Singer, Singer/Songwriter, Collaberation, Singing Group (Trio), Fashion Runway, Swimsuit Runway, On Camera Acting, and Photography.

In between showcases, we attended seminars about various topics like the importance of social media, stage presence and how to submit video auditions. The days at SHINE were very busy and very long, but I learned a lot and I had so much fun performing and making new friends. I was selected to perform my original song from the Singer/Songwriter showcase in the talent finale at the end of the week, and that was really exciting!


At the end of SHINE, based on your performances throughout the week, you can get callbacks from the industry VIPs. I received 7 music callbacks, and I also attended flash interviews where I had the opportunity to meet with VIPs that did not call me back. I met with each of the VIPs and had the opportunity to tell them about me and my music and submit a resume, CD and headshot. I had some great conversations, and I’m looking forward to follow ups! The whole process was a great learning experience, and great practice for future interviews.


On the last night of SHINE, there is a banquet where you dress up in formal wear, eat a nice dinner, and awards are given out to the performers. Award categories include Best Overall Male Actor, Best Overall Female Actor, Best Overall Dancer, Best Overall Singer and more. I was nominated for Best Overall Songwriter, which was a HUGE honor!


Overall, I would say that AMTC was an amazing experience. I learned so much and made some pretty important industry contacts. If you are an aspiring musician, actor, dancer or model, and you have a passion for being a good role model in the entertainment industry, I highly recommend AMTC to you! It has changed my life, and my career as an indie musician is taking off because of my training and experience with AMTC.

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